We are a group of volunteers from Bethlehem, and our ministry is to support the Christian families living there today. We have done this by visiting over 1,000 churches in the US to both share information about the indigenous Christians of the Holy Land and sell their handmade olive wood carvings.

You probably know that 70% of our Christian community depends on tourism as their only source of income. Due to the war conditions, clashes, and the separation wall around Bethlehem, many tourists are unable to come. This makes it very difficult for those Christian families to find their daily bread and causes them to immigrate and flee their homeland. Just last century, the Christian population of the Holy Land was 30%. Today, it is less than 2%. If this trend continues, there will be no Christians left in the land of Christ, which could cause tragic consequences to our faith and holy sites.

You can help them stay in their homeland by purchasing some beautiful Nativity sets, candle holders, ornaments, religious figures, crosses, and more from our website. Your support is crucial during this time. The Christians of the Holy Land are especially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and its negative implications. More than a million reservations to visit the Holy Land were cancelled in 2020 due to the spread of the coronavirus, causing over 100,000 Christians to lose their only source of income with no help from any governments where they live.

Each piece that you purchase will help a Christian family in need. These beautiful carvings make special gifts for Christmas, baptisms, first Communions, Confirmations, or any occasion. Please give it a look and share our site with your family and friends!

Let us carefully tend our roots, the Christians of the Holy Land.


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