About Us

Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters,

We are a group of volunteers from Bethlehem, the Holy Land and our ministry is to support the Christian families living in the Holy Land by visiting the churches, providing information about the Christians of the Holy Land and selling their handmade olivewood and mother of pearl religious articles.

You probably know that 70% of our Christian community depends on tourism for their living. Due to the war conditions, clashes and the separation wall around Bethlehem, tourists are unable to come. It made it very difficult for the Christian families to find their daily bread and causes them to immigrate and flee their homeland. Last century the Christian population of the Holy Land was 30%, today it is less than 2%. If it continues like this, in few years you will find no Christians in the land of Christ, which could cause tragic consequences to our faith and holy sites.

Our ministry is to help these Christian families survive and stay in their homeland, to do this we travel, visit churches, and sell these beautiful articles they make (Nativity sets, candle holders, ornaments, religious figures, crosses, ..) and send them back the revenues.

As we contact you on behalf of those many Christian families whom have now became a minority in their homeland, we are sure that you are well aware of their difficulties and want to help. Indeed, your support is crucial at this time.

We do not need exhausting preparations! All what we need is two tables, at the Church vestibule after Sunday services where we can display these articles, and few minutes during the services to talk about our ministry. Based on what we have experienced at the churches that we had visited and the pastors letters of recommendations we have, we assure you that most parishioners would appreciate our ministry, would like the olivewood articles, and would leave the church full with joy holding a beautiful statue from the Holy Land and supporting a Christian family in Bethlehem.

Sincerely in Christ,